Describing urban and architectural atmospheres

Ambiances Special Issue 2019

Edited by Federico de Matteis, Mikkel Bille, Tonino Griffero and Andrea Jelić

Issue contents

Federico De Matteis, Mikkel Bille, Tonino Griffero and Andrea Jelić
Phenomenographies: describing the plurality of atmospheric worlds

Shanti Sumartojo, Tim Edensor and Sarah Pink
Atmospheres in Urban Light

Maxime Le Calvé and Olivier Gaudin
Depicting Berlin’s Atmospheres: Phenomenographic Sketches

Ulrike Mackrodt
How atmospheres inform urban planning practice – insights from the Tempelhof airfield in Berlin

Klaske Havik
TerriStories. Literary Tools for Capturing Atmosphere in Architectural Pedagogy

Elisa Morselli
Eyes that hear. The synesthetic representation of soundspace through architectural photography

Elisabetta Canepa, Valter Scelsi, Anna Fassio, Laura Avanzino, Giovanna Lagravinese and Carlo Chiorri
Atmospheres: Feeling Architecture by Emotions
Preliminary Neuroscientific Insights on Atmospheric Perception in Architecture

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